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Hoseseasons have taken my deposit because

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Hoseseasons have taken my deposit because

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I am very upset and angry with Hoseseasons. Due to this forced lock down I cannot afford to pay remaining balance on my holiday,this is due December 2020. My holiday id booked March 2021. I’m self employed so no income for the foreseeable future. I’ve told Hoseseasons my predicament but they have taken all of my £125 deposit instead. Stating because I want to cancel they have right to take it all. When I booked my break Hoseseasons stated if coronavirus stops your holiday you can re-arrange or have deposit back. I feel very let down, how can I find the remaining balance when I have no income? What can I do??? I am gutted, £125 would cover a few bills over the next month.


  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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    It is too early to say that a holiday in March 2021 will not be possible due to covid. At present their website states holidays up to 2 December can have a voucher or a refund.
  • AlfrescodaveAlfrescodave Forumite
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    Shazzd66 said:
    . When I booked my break Hoseseasons stated if coronavirus stops your holiday you can re-arrange or have deposit back. 
    Do you have this in writing or was it just a comment over the phone. Written confirmation would strengthen your request for a money refund.
  • TigsteroonieTigsteroonie Forumite
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    At the moment Coronavirus has not stopped the holiday. It has made if very difficult for you to pay the balance, but that is personal to your circumstances and not Hoseasons' fault (they don't ask employment status when you book). 
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    Shazzd66 said:
    When I booked my break Hoseseasons stated if coronavirus stops your holiday you can re-arrange or have deposit back. 
    This is still true, but not in the way you've interpreted it.  "Coronavirus stopping your holiday" will be because of restrictions introduced by the Government, such as lockdowns or closure of certain premises (in this case holiday vacation park) and not because of a fairly tenuous link to Coronavirus as is the case for you.

    This is a news story back from Jun 2020 where they got their wrists slapped over refusing refunds, but it was fairly clear from the CMA's response that they were expecting them to refund in cases where various restrictions stopped customers travelling or the venue being open, not because the customer could make some link to Coronavirus, however tenuous.

    I can understand the frustration here but unfortunately, they do appear to be acting entirely within guidance over cancellations due to Coronavirus.
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    It may have been better to ask for them to push the holiday date back in the year most companies seem to be more inclined to do this than any kind of refund. As others have said unfortunately the refund is only if in March for some reason the holiday could not go ahead. Sorry for your loss, make sure you claim the third self employed grant if you can.
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