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Breeder to refund sale price?

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Hi there, I'm looking for peoples thoughts please on the following, 
I bought a pedigree dog who was advertised and fit and healthy along with photos of said dog. 
When the transaction took place, dog had lovely personality and the seller.said he had no health problems and nothing that I needed to know about. 
However upon arriving home and fussing him, a lump on his back was discovered.
A call back to the breeder and they told me, he had seen the vet and it was a haematoma, nothing to worry about and would go away. However 2 months down the line following exploration  he has been diagnosed with spina bifida .
Breeder refused all.contacy until I sent a letter detailing everything and the fact the dog sold wasnt even the dog pictured in the advert. If course my details are limited otherwise this would be an essay.
My question is am I right to ask the breeder for the following. 
Full refund and return dog or full refund and we care for the dog along with all future medical costs. They are refusing this saying it is a haematoma  even though that have admitted he never saw the vet and had the lump diagnosed. 
A replacement is out of the question. 
They have bred for years and supposed to be reputable. They are judges and show winners. I feel duped and wonder if they have passed a problem on hoping it would go away? Thoughts please as to what is reasonable to expect thank you


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