british gas gas installation insurance

Hi i'm after a bit of help, my mother has a gas leak which british gas have ascertained is under the concrete flooring of her house.
Despite having cover that should cover all parts of the gas system they are telling her that it won't be covered because the pipes probably won't be sleeved due to when the house was built (1950's)
I have checked the regulations and there isn't a requirement for pipes to be sleeved unless passing through a cavity wall which they don't.
I have spoken to a gas engineer who informs me even if they were able to find exactly where the leak is under ground it wouldn't be possible to repair the pipes anyway as they would be mild steal and not copper, and the easiest fix would be to cap the existing pipes and replumb the system. Which i believe should be covered by the insurance.
my issue is if the system isn't covered due to the nature of the piping and she has to pay for the repair then this should have been explained to my parents at the time of sale as they were under the impression that they were buying a policy which gave them complete piece of mind and if certain things were never going to be covered a lower grade policy would have been the correct one to purchase.


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