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Very bad back pains after sleeping on a Tempur Cooltouch Sensation Elite 25 K Mattress, Help Needed!

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Very bad back pains after sleeping on a Tempur Cooltouch Sensation Elite 25 K Mattress, Help Needed!

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Bit of a long story but it started on Boxing Day 2018, I went into Dreams bed store to get a new mattress after my cat had a problem and went to the toilet on my then mattress and as that mattress was over 8 years old I knew I needed to buy a new one so it was the perfect time to do so.

I went in and told the sales man that what happened to my old mattress and that I needed a new one that would be suitable for me because I have 2 forms of arthritis and fibromyalgia which effects my whole body, so I needed a mattress that would not make these conditions any worse and would help them.

He said that the Tempur Mattress range would be the best for me and the Tempur Cooltouch Sensation Elite 25 K Mattress would be the best one and if I take out the Bed Cover Primary Insurance which would cover the life of the mattress and would cover any accidents my pets would have in the future on the mattress.

And he told me this mattress would last me the rest of my life so the cost of it would be cheaper then having to buy a new mattress every 8 years, So thinking it was the best mattress for my health needs and the fact it would be covered if my cat had another accident on it, I went ahead with it and set up a monthly payment plan to pay for it as it was £1,953 and I did not have that kind of money as due to my health I cannot work.

The mattress came the 3rd week of January 2019 and I thought I had 90 days to try it out to see if it was ok for me.

The first week using it I woke up with a bad back every time, but I thought it was just my body getting use to it.

This went on every night so after two weeks every other night I slept on my sofa as the pain was too much for me, I phoned them up and told them what was happening and I was told I really need to sleep on it for two months to let my body get use to it, I did this and on day 68 I phoned them up to say it’s no good I’m waking up with bad back pains every morning and I wanted to return it, I was then told I did not have 90 days but only 45 days to return it in, I was sure it was 90 days but they told me no their time frame is not like everyone else and it’s only 45, I told them the trouble and pain I was having and was told sorry theirs nothing they can do.

The mattress cost me just under £2000 and I was in a payment plan to pay every month for it, so since then to now, I’ve only slept in it about 80 times because the pain I wake up in just puts me off sleeping in it.

I’ve been sleeping on my reclining sofa and now because I’m sleeping in the same reclining seat, I’m wearing out the sofa now and will need to buy a new sofa soon.

I cannot afford to get rid of the mattress because I’m still paying for it every month and £1,953 is a lot of money, so sleeping on my sofa has been my only option.

But I do try every now and then to sleep in my bed but if I sleep more then 3 hrs in it, the back pain kicks in, the pain lasts hours as well to go away, so I end up back on my sofa.

I feel very let down and really do not know what to do now, as I’m wearing out my sofa, can’t sleep on my mattress and don’t have the money for a new mattress or sofa now as I’m still paying for the mattress each month.

Oh and also reading the cover I took out any accidents my cats have and some other issues I may have with it are only covered for the first 60 months (5 years) of the life of the mattress so it’s not even covered for the whole life of the mattress now which I thought it was.

The salesman assured me that this would be the most suitable mattress for my health conditions and now I know it’s not and I really don’t know what to do anymore so any help would be appreciated with this please.

Thanks in advance.



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