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F-i-L has Now TV and is currently paying for Sky Sports from them - he also has the 'boost' package which says you can "Watch on up to 3 devices at the same time in full HD and surround sound."
Can I watch it at my house (different ISP) without causing him any issues - I've tried the FAQ's who don't specify 'different houses' but does say "Perfect for families that can’t agree on what to watch!" and I am 'family' ;-)


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    You can use your account on up to six devices (but only watch on two at the same time). The exception is the Sky Sports mobile month pass, which you can only watch on one smartphone at a time.

    MSE did ask Now TV if the devices have to be at the same address, but got no reply.  So probably safe to assume it'll be okay as things stand.
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    You should be fine. My brother accesses my account and I live 200 miles away from him 
    An answer isn't spam just because you don't like it......
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