Over 40k household income yet 0 chance of credit card.

I tried the credit card checker for cashback/rewards as Nationwide are scrapping their cashback.  I pay for everything I can on CC. 
Both spouse and self are retired with over £43k (last year's figures) income from pensions etc.  I entered ZERO for earnings - because I'm retired but 43k other household income and ended up with ZERO chance of ANY credit card.  I tweaked it to show 27k earned income and 16k other household income and suddenly, I'm loved by all the CC providers.
I think Moneysaving expert needs to re-visit the field that states EARNED income.  Suggest changing it to "Applicant income."  I don't know about you, but I've never felt that OAP, former work pension et al as being EARNED because we don't raise a finger to receive it.  I suppose we worked to earn pensions, but it just doesn't immediately register as earned.  Again, Moneysaving expert might add a few words to correct me and many like me.
Cheers all and stay well.  Avoid the covidiots!  DaveL


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    Yes, I've had similar issues since retiring early and living off savings and share sales for 10 years, so technically zero income, which plays havoc with anything that requires an annual income figure.  In the end I just resorted to making up a figure based on my annual expenditure, which seemed to work ok.

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    A pension is income and your title is misleading.

    Also, it says "main employment income" rather than "earned" income but even if it did say that, you don't think you earned your pension? I suppose if you only received a state pension and never worked a day on your life you might be right. If you did work, however, of course you earned it.
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