Port of Wells - Civil Enforcement Limited

Hi folks! I've been following the advice in the newbies stickies and various other pieces of advice from threads here but I feel like I've reached crunch point with my own case so I'm starting a thread :)

I received a NTK from CEL back in September 2019.
I appealed using their appeals mechanism. They rejected the appeal immediately. No surprise.
I appealed to POPLA using a template from this forum. Rejected.
Months of debt collector letters... yawn.
Then the LBC. I send a SAR and got back a response to that pretty quickly.
I also emailed their legal team to ask for clarifications regarding the byelaws issue that I've seen mentioned here. I very quickly got a reply claiming that there are no byelaws in place and that the land is "relevant land" as far as POFA is concerns.

As I am the registered keeper, CEL have not established the identity of the driver, and I have not admitted being the driver at the time (in truth, I can't remember whether it was myself or my partner), my understanding is that my success pretty much hinged on the byelaws thing - which it looks like CEL have just shot down.

The last correspondence I have from CEL is to say that I have 14 days to pay or they will commence court proceedings. I'm not against defending myself in court if I have a decent chance of winning but I don't know that I do any more.

Does anybody know any more? Thanks for any help!


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