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Reasons for challenging tickets



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    MistyZ said:
    funinabox said:
    The college/university may be able to get the claim cancelled.    
    I considered that but the advice is that this can be effective if you make a strong argument and we really don’t have one.
    Was your child attending the college / university? And was the period of parking appropriate to their reason for being there? If so, they could argue that although this was a foolish oversight, they were using the car park as it was intended to be used.  The main reason for employing PPCs is to deter motorists who are not visiting the premises or who may leave the car there much longer than they need to.

    Big dose of contrition + earnest plea for cancellation.  
    I agree. Far easier than going down the court route. Could have been dropping stuff off at college. It's surely worth just knocking out a letter. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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