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Hi. Hope you guys can help. I went to Halfords for a battery change for my BMW 3 series. Afterwards, a fault came  up ('restraint system faulty').  The technician who changed the battery suggested taking it to a Halfords Autocentre ( I went to a regular halfords store) and said that if there is a problem that they will pay for the cost of repair. I was quite happy with that but I wondered whether I should have got them to put something in writing. Would anyone do anything different, and is there anyway that I can ensure that they follow up with their promise. Thanks in advance 


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    This question is in the wrong forum, but I'll answer it anyway...

    It would have been better to get something in writing at the time. I would suggest that you write to store (via email if you can find the right email address) and ask them to confirm that they are aware that the fault came up. It might help them if you quote the date and time off your receipt for the battery. If they acknowledge that they are aware that the fault came up after the battery swap, that is good enough for the moment. If you find out that fixing the fault is going to cost a lot, you can argue with them as to what they should pay. 

    I would probably try to avoid telling the Halfords Autocentre that it was Halfords tech who changed the battery. You could also take it to a dealer for the make of your car if you want a more impartial assessment).  

    I would ask them whether there was any way to avoid the "restraint system faulty" fault coming up when the battery was changed. If there was a way to avoid this, then Halfords should be paying the cost of clearing the fault. However, if there was no way to avoid the problem, the cost of clearing the fault was always going to be yours and you should not try to get Halfords to pay it. 

    I think it highly likely that the tech at the AutoCentre or Dealer will just reset the SRS module, and start the car to check that the fault is cleared. If the SRS module has been broken by the battery change - rare, but not inconceivable - then you will have to argue with the Store about them footing the repair bill which will be substantial. Offering to split the cost 50/50 will usually resolve any dispute quickly. 

    The comments I post are my personal opinion. While I try to check everything is correct before posting, I can and do make mistakes, so always try to check official information sources before relying on my posts.
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    Of course this has nothing to do with this forum but, my experience of Halfords is not good when it comes to cars like BMW and Mercs
    REMEMBER A BMW is a fine tuned computer on wheels  Halfords offered me a battery that was not suitable and then windscreen wipers that would not fit 

    BMW garages are over priced so I use a BMW specialist to which there are many around the UK.
    My Beamer was expensive to buy and it needs a professional to look after it. Halfords do not have the expertise to look after such cars
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    I would suggest that you post this on Honest John or piston heads. if they are still about.  
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