Car Allowance as a non-benefit? and notice pay query

I have just been made redundant after 6 months of furlough and think my pay is wrong. 
I normally get a car allowance on top of my basic salary as I do a lot of site work. Although I am not working my notice period my understanding was that I should be receiving this for my notice period anyway but my employer says that it’s not counted as a benefit and Im not working I don’t get it. Is that right? I can only find references online to car allowance as an equivalent to company cars, is it ever the case that it doesn’t count as a benefit? (Incidentally I now wonder whether I should have been receiving it all furlough??)

They also paid me my last month of furlough, plus my notice pay, redundancy pay and untaken holiday pay all in my latest payslip. But when I have been made redundant in the past I had my last months pay then the following month (ie the end of the notice period whether I’ve worked it or not) I have received the rest. As it’s all been done in one lump rather than 2 it’s meant my tax/deduction free allowances have only been counted once so my deductions have been much higher than they otherwise would have been. Is this acceptable? My employer says it’s because they’ve had to put my termination date at the 31st Oct so can’t pay me after that. I know I’ll get my tax back eventually but it’s really annoying having to pay more student loan than I would have done. 

Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks.
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