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Can any of you kind guys help a technophobe?
I found some technical drawings online yesterday which were ideal to illustrate an idea of mine which I've described in an email I intended sending today.

I right-clicked on each and chose the option 'copy image'... and then, returning my message, pressed CTRL and V to, as I thought, paste each where needed (I did NOT want to send them as attachment files). They seemed to copy to the places I intended very well.... but when I came back this morning to complete the email they had vanished... to be replaced by outline boxes with a weird symbol in the top left hand corner. I don't know if it's relevant but the email I'm using is outlook.com.

I did try with my alternative email which is yahoo basic mail... but the images wouldn't even copy there at all using the same method!!

Any guidance very gratefully accepted.


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    I would copy the images to somewhere on your PC by using "save image as ..", then you can copy and paste it into your email after you've opened it on the PC to check it is what you want.
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    You would be better off sending them as attachments in all honesty.
    Embedding images in an email requires two things:  1) the email to be sent as a HTML email, and 2) the recipient to be viewing the email in HTML mode.  The latter you can't control, so if they're seeing your pretty email in plain view it'll just be a confusing mess (and they'll probably end up as attachments anyway).  The former you can control, but on the web interface its cumbersome as opposed to full blown Outlook which makes it easy.

    If you want the technical drawings to be in a specific place in the document, you would be better off writing the text up in a word processor (like Word), then you can insert the pictures where you want them and they'll stay, then you can just email that as a normal attachment.  Trying to get inline images to stick in an email isn't impossible but its a PITA where the alternatives are far easier.
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    Ok, thanks.
    What you suggest is more work than I wanted to do. I thought one could just copy and paste. A shame there isn't some simpler method. The more I use email, the more I discover how non-user-friendly it can be...
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    Why do you not want to send as an attachment? Inline relies on the receiver having an email client that supports it which you can't guarantee... Would all the images in a single PDF be another option?
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    If you do use a word processor like Word to do it, be sure to convert it to a PDF before you send it. It’s so annoying getting raw Word files in emails - I don’t need to edit it, just read it. And we don’t all have Word either. PDF is much, much easier.
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  • Try saving it on your phone (this works on my iPhone 6s, cannot promise it works anywhere else) then on your Mail app copy and paste the image in - this process does the job for me.
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