Independent Postage Insurance - Anyone used it?

Had a clear out of some medium value items, and came t o ship them, the costs that all the couriers want, if I want full cover is obscene (£9 to cover a £190 parcel, suggesting they lose or damage 1 in 20 parcels!!!).  Personally, it sounds like a cheap way to make cash, so did some shopping around and found independent insurers that would cover it for a 1/3 of he price...  Anyone used them?  This was the main one I found:


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    Trustpilot gives them a very solid 5/5
    One of the posts also has some good advice, all of which sound pretty good practice anyway:
    • Pack your items carefully.
    • Take lots of photos of your item and the way it has been packed.
    • Take photos of the shipping labels and proof of collection etc.
    • Ask the recipient to check the item immediately they receive it, so you can be aware of any issue at once, and inform Securus accordingly. Ask them to send you photos of the damage.
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    I was offered transit insurance as an add on to my small business policy.  I did not take it up as the annual premium increased a fair bit and there was an excess of £100 meaning that it would very unlikely that I would ever get to make a claim.
    Looking at their website in the link I cannot easily see their terms and conditions.  It does suggest that it is more suitable for very high value shipments rather than parcels worth a few hundred or less.
    I self insure with carriers.  If the OP puts the requested insurance premium for each parcel into a jar he is going to have plenty of cash to pay out for the rare losses.

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    Is it normal for French companies to quote their hosting companies turnover not their own?

    As with most policies its all in the small print and you wont know until you claim. Personally its adding
    another link in the chain or pass the parcel (maybe literally).

    Censorship Reigns Supreme in Troll City...

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    Personally, I would avoid this company as they seem very suspicious to me!
    So far I have had to make 2 claims, both of which, so far have been a really bad experience, as they are constantly, throwing obstacles in my face and seem to be looking for loopholes to avoid paying out.
    If there is a place on this website, where I can share my full review and experience, someone please let me kow and I will post full details of what happened.
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