Redundancy - no information given to me, questions not answered/ignored long term sick leave.

Hi Guys, I have a complicated one. 
I have been working for the same company for over 12 years now, but for the last 3 years I have been off sick due to a very nasty cancer from which I'm still recovering. Just to give you some context I have never been late for any of my shifts over the 12 years of service and only took one day sick literally. In terms of my performance, we have regular audits and I used to be called in off my breaks to come and do an audit because I always got a 100%.  
It seems to me that work is trying to get rid of me even tho they don't actually pay me any SSP or anything at all. Now I do understand that I might be blocking a job position, however the company is mainly using teenagers on 0 hour casual contracts, so I can't exactly wrap my head round it.
Just before the COVID-19 happened I have been invited for a meeting to discuss my situation etc not a problem, I went there had a little talk, and as always got asked to go see occupational health. I started reading the minutes and at the bottom of last page the HR wrote something that wasn't said on the meeting "please send your sick notes to me via official channels" I read that out and the managers face went blank as he had no idea it was written there and I asked what's all this about ? they looked at each other and started making excuses up - I send them directly to the said manager via text and he acknowledges them saying thank you etc. I now send them via email but this for sure was an attempt to get rid of me for not sending it via email or whatever have I not read the whole minutes and signed blind. 

Currently the company is in the middle of making redundancies, I have had no contact from our department rep whatsoever even tho I attended all virtual meetings and participated in voting for the rep so I have no exact idea of what's going on. I get an email saying I have a one to one meeting I attended that I no questions were answered, they asked me if I would be interested in a different job role to which I said yes as don't want to go over the hassle of trying to find a job whilst being disabled and post covid economy.  He explained that I  have not yet been chosen for a redundancy.

They now keep sending me emails trying to get me to do the interview to which I said that I have additional health issues on top of already existing ones and family issues (my mom is going blind due to ARMD and I can't go over the additional stress of a job interview, I also asked if its actually allowed for me to attend such interview when Im off on sick leave this was sent last month and I had 3 emails form that said person trying to reschedule my interview without answering if I can even attend. Whats strange to me is why am I having an interview when I haven't been selected for a redundancy yet and how can I be interviewed for a job if I myself dont know when I will be able to go back to work as unsure when I will fully recover and currently still seeing 3 specialist every month or two at the hospital. 

This just seems so wrong. I have an interview rescheduled for Thursday, but I can't do it. I'm scared to say that I'm no longer interested because I feel like they will turn around and say look we offered you a different job you refused and that's that. 

Can anyone help ? 

Thank you guys. 
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