Redundancy date constantly gets pushed back, making it hard to accept/look for work post redundancy

I currently work for Coop insurance and was informed on 14th July that post a sale being approved by the PRA markerstudy group would no longer be requiring my services and making me redundant. This was officially confirmed early August and that the sale of the business was forecast to be made on the 17th August. On hearing that news I have been successful in applying for a new job externally, making the new company aware of my circumstances in that post imminent sale I would be free to start my new employment. Since being told that date, we have been told 3rd September, end of September and then end of October. My new company are now looking for me to start early November. 
Can a company inform you that they are making you redundant, but then leave the actual date loose and constantly change this and push it back. The redundancy is pending the PRA approving the sale of Coop insurance to Markerstudy and this is what we are being told. I'm not ashamed to say i would like the redundancy payment and the new job, but Co-op are unwilling to let me go and honour the redundancy. If it frustrating because we naturally have to look for new employment but we cannot confirm a start date unless that is we resign, which is something i dont want to do given that i wasnt given a choice to keep my job in the first place. It just seem harsh and frustrating that a company can indicate you would be jobless but then change the actual date constantly


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    If you've found alternative full time employment take it. Sale of a business unit can take many months. The Co Op aren't going to make posts redundant until the time is right. By giving everyone due notice they are being extremely fair.  You are probably in a far better position than many of your colleagues. 
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    Until they put you on official notice of redundancy with a termination date you are not redundant.
    How long have you worked there? 
    is the pay out worth hanging on for.

    If they have put you on notice then there is the option of counternotice to try to fix a date with the payout..
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    This whole situation is rather frustrating both ways. I work for Markerstudy and I wouldn't hold your breath as far as November is concerned. 
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