Virgin Media lied to me, is this Fraud?

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i'm beyond peed off guys. Virmin has done me over.

I rang up a few weeks back to sort out my contract as it was running out soon.
I was offered the exact same deal and price i have now for the next 18 months.

get an email today saying next bill is £30 more than usual!

Ring up and the advisor says that that the notes on my account say i asked for an upgrade to sports amoung other things (Which i have not) and the best she can offer me is £10 more than what i am paying a month now.

I ask if the calls are recorded and she says only for training and quality, not for price disputes... (!!!!!!! how about for fraud?)

I ask to speak to a supervisor and she says they wont speak to me due to it being a price dispute..... (i'm complaining about a deal i was promised and not given, not just the price)
I ask to make a complaint and all i can do it complain to her and she will log it on the sytem.....
I ask if i will be updated about the complain, no....
I ask if they can do anything due to the fact i was clearly lied to and they are commiting fraud by adding extra to my package i never asked for. she said no....

I have given my 30 days and will have to eat the extra £30 charge they have applied, plus whatever i'll be charged for the pro rata.

I have send some tweets and comments on FB, is there anything else i can do about this. Any numbers i can ring to get someone who can actually do something?
Is there anyone i can complain to about this, have they commited fraud. Is not checkig the recorded calls fraud?
Can i demand they send me the recordings via GDPR?

Thank you


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