How to get rid of rats without endangering the hedgehog

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Hi guys. The usual problem, we have a 'wildlife garden' in order to help the local wildlife and ecology - we already have a regular hedgehog visitor.
Though we do not currently feed the hedgehog or leave any food out.
The trail camera has picked up a rat every day for the past 10 days (we think it's certainly killed the field mouse that used to live here) as the field mouse hasn't tripped the camera at all since the rat appeared and last night the rat tripped the camera and it had some kind of small rodent in it's mouth which it was presumably taking back to it's nest.
Everything I've read points to the fact that there is NEVER ever just one rat - so I presume that it's got a nest somewhere, possibly with young already.

Anyway, we'd like to get rid of the rat/s obviously before this turns into a bigger problem of multiplication and possibly even house invasion when the winter comes.

So, any ideas. As I said in the title, we have  a hedgehog (and they are pretty dumb by all accounts) any kind of poison or snap trap left out openly is likely to kill or injure the hedgehog whilst the more intelligent rats go about their business.

Furthermore, the rats will probably end up eating any hedgehog babies in the future. . . .as well as everything else.
Cats are useless by the way. We have 3 that regularly visit the garden at all hours and they obviously haven't deterred the rat one bit (all evidence points to the fact that cats hardly ever kill rats anyway, they just kill all the birds and a few mice).


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