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I made a complaint against safety net credit for miss selling me a loan I couldn't afford. They offered to write off my balance and give Me £2500 back. They didn't at the time tell me how they had worked this out and dint Give me the figures for how much interest I had paid and didnt Give me an 8% interest figure. 
At the time I was desperate so accepted. I then subsequently found out I at paid over £10000 of interest to them over 4 years! 
My question being as I have accepted their original offer and had The money paid will the FOS look at my complaint and how It was dealt with? Or will they diss miss because I accepted the offer from safety net 


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    They won’t decline it because you’ve accepted an offer but they will decline it if safety net’s final response letter was over 6 months ago.
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  • Loans are expensive, particularly pay day style ones, you pay a lot of interest if you don't pay the debt back quickly. That you paid £10000 to them for a £2500 loan doesn't mean they owe you all the interest back. Even the FOS accept that even if the loan was considered miss-sold, the basic fact is that you still had the benefit of the money and it's fair to say you need to pay that back in most circumstances.
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