Furloughed no date to return / job redundancy

ive been furloughed since 22nd March.  I’ve not been given a date to return to work. Only monthly letters saying we can call you back at any time but your still currently furloughed.   I have worked for this company for 28 years. I’m now hoping now for redundancy as heard things are not great with the company and really struggling.
im hoping you kind people can help and advise on the following questions.
1,Could I ask for them for redundancy?
2, if made redundant should they also include my holidays I’ve not taken?
3, If not made redundant and furlough money ends at the end of October what happens financially , where will my monthly money come from or will furlough money just stop and no wages either? Or is employer supposed to be then paying us again?
4, if company goes bust, liquidation etc,  how do you put your previous employer as a reference on job applications if the company no longer exists? That’s the only person I’ve worked for since leaving college.
5, who do I use as a reference instead?
im sorry worried and have put my house on the market incase. 

Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Things will get better day by day.


  • Hi, can’t answer all of your questions but through my own research I can answer two of them.
    1. You can ask for redundancy. I can’t remember the exact timeframe but I know if you’ve been furloughed since the start of this, you qualify in being able to request redundancy.

    3. Your employer is supposed to be paying your wage again from November 1st, unless they put you on the new scheme in which you have to work a minimum of 33% of your contracted hours, your pay will the be made up of 100% of the hours worked, then an additional 33% if the unpaid hours is paid by the employer, further 33% by the government, the final 33% is unfortunately lost.

    Hope the above gives you a little insight, sorry I can’t help with all your questions.
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