Pip, state pension & attendance allowance

My husband is just now getting his state pension, we’ve been advised that the attendance allowance will stop 🛑 but I’ve heard of another carer allowance we can claim . I’m 71 and still part time working so can’t get pension credit . Help !


  • Ps he is on the higher rate of pip
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    Your question makes no sense because the same person can't claim PIP and attendance allowance. Attendance Allowance is a disability benefit that people over state pension age can claim. As he's already claiming PIP then this will continue for as long as he remains entitled to it.
    Carers Allowance is a benefit someone can claim for looking after someone for at least 35 hours per week but as you're over state pension age then it can be claimed but you won't receive any money but you'll receive an underlying entitlement to it, which can increase some benefits or you become entitled to them. As you state you're not entitled to pension credit then there's nothing else you can claim. Use a benefits calculator to check entitlement. https://www.entitledto.co.uk/benefits-calculator/Intro/Home?cid=e661c1d5-3604-41f0-9fc6-cb27762eee78
    Although if you're working and earning more than £128 per week after deductions you can't claim carers allowance at all, even for the underlying entitlement.

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