Siemens Energy AG shares

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edited 30 September 2020 at 11:58AM in Savings & Investments
I'm not sure if anyone else has been following Siemens AG's spin off of its Energy portfolio into Siemens Energy AG?  It looks like it might be suitable addition to the energy component of my SIPP, and is on my watch-list.  I could simply have added Siemens AG to the SIPP and waited for the share allocation on issue day last week but I don't really want Siemens AG shares at present.  I also  wanted to be able to take the actual share price into account and let the likely initial price volatility settle down.  My SIPP is with HL and at present they don't list Siemens Energy on their shares list (they do have Siemens Gamesa, which is now 67% owned by Siemens Energy AG).  Presumably this is because there isn't yet a Crest or ADR version of the Siemens Energy share?  Can anyone shed light on what the normal process is for a new issue like this to come onto Crest and be tradeable through the likes of HL?  


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