Redundancy and mental health

I was made redundant from my job earlier this year. Obviously a bit shocking but to be expected as I did very little from day one (not my choice). 

Anyway I tried to tell HR about my mental health a couple of months after starting the job - I wasn’t asking for reasonable adjustments, just what the company policy is (I was getting treatment but wouldn’t start for 18 months). Told them my manager made derogatory comments about MH so I couldn’t speak to him. They kept on asking me to speak to his boss, which is silly because I had no real excuse not to speak to immediate manager.

Anyway a bit of bullying in the team because people weren’t busy (team would do about 20% work throughout the day, rest surfing the net). 

I was feeling stressed and told my boss several times, he didn’t do anything. I ended up approaching his boss and saying my immediate boss isn’t doing anything, I have MH issues and will be getting treatment in September and what can we do about my stress. Not a lot was done about my MH. 

Then covid happened. I was then made redundant. I went of sick the next day and was told to visit the OH. I missed the first meeting because of my MH (I was under extreme stress due to work, as per my doctors not). Occupational health deemed I wasn’t capable to take part in redundancy. I was then shut out of future meetings and my union went.

l was told I wasn’t able to attend meetings because of the OH and I was under the impression my OH report was to help me with work place stress I was feeling since January, that I told company about. The OH did say it was for redundancy, I said no it’s not. I also didn’t approve the report beforehand. 

So I’m just asking if it’s legal for them to do that? 


  • I should also say I wasn’t consulted about any meetings and my union rep would casually say “oh yeah I’ve got a meeting, I don’t know what it’s about”.

    I got a doctors note that said I was ok to attend meetings (not to work) and that allowed me to speak to my managers getting rid of me. I appealed based on the fact I didn’t know what was said in meetings - how can They have Meetings for  1.5 hours with just my union rep. My union rep kept on saying “your job has been automated”. Um no it hasn’t. 

    Anyway I appealed and we had a chat. I put my argument forward in what I do (I did actually do a lot of work, just none of it was the actual job description stuff, I kinda said “why don’t I do this?” And it was meet with open arms), 

    I kinda feel a bit silly as it’s just my job that was as risk (no one else does it) and they have obviously made the decision, why go through the process. 

    I was going to get sacked a few days before my 2 year anniversary. OH pushed that back so I was a 2 year employee.

    They also offered me a settlement, which is another thing. 
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