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Hi guys

ive been employed by the company for 6 years now.  In August I was announced that my job role will now be redundant.  I was due to leave the company on 14th September.  2 weeks prior to leaving I found another alternative role in the business.  I went from permanent to fixed term.  However being in my new role for 2 weeks I’ve been offered a different job in another company.  Of course the way I look at this now is that I lost my redundancy pay by 2 weeks.  I’m still training in my current job role  which of course I need to give 1 month notice for which is okay.  But I’m wondering. Could my employer (managers end my fixed term early so I can get my redundancy? Rather than me put in notice of leave ?  Because HR have told me that if I don’t get a permanent position they defer my redundancy until the fixed term end date which is September 2021.  

Also I was actually made Redundant according to HR when I called them last week Monday.  It was only until Wednesday this week that I was put back onto the system as ‘transferred into new role’ After they had to email HR so my first week into my new role I was actually down as left the company lol
Thanks in advance 


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    You can ask but I very much doubt that they will do it. It's going to cost them money. If you are asking because you are going to a different role in a different organisation then they know you will be resigning. You can't have it all! If you want the redundancy pay then stay, if you want the new role then resign and go to that.
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    Think about this, why would your employers pay you money which they aren't obliged to pay?
    If you are querying your Council Tax band would you please state whether you are in England, Scotland or Wales
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    I’m sure you’ve already posted this. 

    Your manager could decide that your fixed term contract was no longer needed in which case you would get redundancy. I can’t see why they would do this though as there is no benefit for them and it would mean they can’t replace you. 

    You need to decide what’s more important your new job or the redundancy money. You probably can’t have both. 

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    Did you not insist on a 4 week trial for a potential suitable alternative?
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    You should be entitled to a job trial if you've accepted a new role. Just say it's not for you and you would like to take the redundancy after all - you do not need to tell them you've secured a new role elsewhere.
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