Ryanair changed flight refund queries

We were due to go to Cologne just before Christmas, but earlier I had an email from Ryanair to say the return flight has been changed- new flight number- and rubbish times so we lose the entire last day (flight was 8pm now before 7am). The email offered me a refund as one of 3 options so I plumped for that as we've been thinking we're very unlikely to be able to go anyway what with COVID unsurprisingly surging back.

Now that I have done that I am wondering if they will only refund the changed flight and charge me a huge admin fee to keep the cost of the outbound flight as that one wasn't changed? 

I'm also wondering if I will actually get a refund, as the flights were paid for with a voucher given in lieu of a refund for COVID-cancelled flights earlier in the year. Will they just give me another voucher?


  • Can you contact them to check?  You'll probably have a long wait on the phone but at least you'll know exactly what the refund will be.  Nobody here will know for sure what the outcome will be - just what they think might happen.
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    Thanks LadyDee. 
    To update, I got in touch with them on their online chat. The Cologne flight was paid for with a £500 voucher (from a COVID cancelled flight) and a £50 top up on my debit card. They said I could have the £50 back on my card, and the £500 would go back on the original voucher with its original expiry date. I got politely angry and was basically told touch luck, it had to go back onto the voucher. DH and I agreed to just write it off, and learn from it as our first and last encounter with Ryanair. 

    A few days ago I was thinking that stuff writing it off and giving Ryanair £500 for nothing, so I started looking on their website at flights for autumn 2021 and found something I wanted to book. I couldn't find the voucher codes though, so again I got onto the online chat to ask for help. Online person was very helpful but just at the last moment said 'would you like the voucher codes, or do you want a cash refund instead?'. They processed it all and said it will be 3 weeks (seeing is believing maybe). I will update again when I get the money.

    Late edit (I forgot about this, oops) the money came though to my card within about a week.

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