£10 Off at Next - When you use Next Pay - Warning

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On the next.co.uk website when you go to the checkout you'll be offered the chance to use Next Pay, a virtual credit card, and if you do you're supposed to get £10 off an order over £15.

My basket and postage came up with the discount applied. Email order confirmation also reads that I am to pay the discounted amount..
The balance on my Next Pay account has come up as the original price with no discount (or £10 now because I made the payment I thought I needed to).
So this is incorrect, I'm raising it with them and expect it to be corrected.
I searched to see if anyone has had this issue but nothing came up, so I'm making a forum thread in case anyone notices the same issue and searches the forum here like I did.
To anyone else who comes across this.. I guess you can get the £10 off but beware you'll have to check back o see they haven't charged you the full amount despite what was shown at the checkout and in your email confirmation, and follow up with them if it goes wrong.


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    Has your first statement been supplied?

    From the terms & conditions (https://www.next.co.uk/credit) - Please note your current balance will show as the total purchase value with £10 credited to your account on your first statement.

    Hope this helps. 
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    The current balance appeared already showing the full amount is charged, but then you wait longer before the first statement is supplied.
    In the first place though, the discount is applied at the checkout already. In other words it appears that they charge £10 less there and then.

    But to say £10 credit is added later, that maybe suggests right now I'm incurring interest on that extra £10. So it's not clear to me yet what is going on there.

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