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Not Eligible For Student Loan in UK or USA

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Not Eligible For Student Loan in UK or USA

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Please could someone help as my 18 year old niece is trying to get a student loan in the UK to take up a place at Uni here next week in 1st year. It has been a bit of a disaster as she did not read the student loan eligibility carefully before applying to University in the UK. She has been living in the USA as my sister moved there 6 years ago when she married an American. My niece's dad lives in the UK and my niece has flown over from the US to isolate with her Dad until Freshers week next week. She has not liked living in America and plans to live in the UK forever now. She assumed she would get a student loan as her Dad lives in the UK and she is a UK citizen (doesn't have US citizenship), obviously not reading the small print that states you have to have been resident in the UK for 3 years beforehand! So she had her loan application refused. She is only eligible for a US student loan if she goes to a US university, which she refuses to do as she wants to live in the UK. She has fallen between two systems and is desperate to start uni next week, but not sure how. 
Taking out a personal loan would cost a fortune!
Does anyone have any advice? Has anyone been in the same position? Help!


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