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Social gatherings of more than six banned in England from next week - your refund rights



  • Graywisdom
    Even with the new restrictions, we still have the illogical rules for the wearing of face coverings in shops. The public are diligently wearing the masks, but many store staff are not. As a mask is meant to mitigate the exhalation of Covid19 droplets, you have the ridiculous situation of staff going about unmasked. Therefore it doesnt matter what precautions the shopper takes, the staff are still possibly spreading the virus. In my local ASDA, whereas a few weeks ago there was Social Distancing along with a certain number of shoppers allowed at any one time, now it is like a free for all. They even have the check to put up a notice to tell customers they should clean the trolleys and baskets! On top of which not suppling any hand sanitizing liquid. They may be abiding by Government advice, but common sense has gone out of the window where many stores are concerned. To see how it should be done visit Primark.
  • silvercar
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    jon81uk said:
    jon81uk said:
    jon81uk said:
    The current advice is to meet no more than six people OR more from two households only. so those who were planning holidays such as 20 people coming from six households were going against current advice anyway and I have no sympathy.

    What about if they booked it in February?
    Then I have some sympathy, but they should have already been expecting to change the plans to meet the current advice of no more than two households.
    If two households each of five people were planning to meet then yes things have changed and it is going to be a pain to cancel etc. But if the plan was four households getting together then they have had three months already to re-think the plan.
    Seen many a thread on here where people have been unable to do this due to inflexible accommodation providers, so its not as black and white as you think.
    The advice is black and white and people should have expected to change plans. That doesn't mean they are entitled to a refund just that they re-consider their plans. The new rule might actually help some people who had booked trips as now it is illegal there is more chance of a refund (as per the MSE article).
    But for anything indoors gathering over two households it was not advised back in July and people should already be expecting to change plans, even if that means they weren't getting refunds.
    Back then it was advice rather than law. People made decisions based on that advice. I know of a group where they all decided to socially isolate for 2 weeks before their holiday to minimise the risk, now the holiday would be illegal.
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    Spendless said:
    turns54 said:
    What are the new rules for funeral wakes held at private home. Are they restricted to 6 people only ( assuming different households are involved)?
    I've been trying to find out the same thing. The general consesus (on here) is 'the funeral' applies to service only, though there may be guidelines issued before Monday. On previous performance I'm not expecting clarity from the Government though about it.
    My mother-in-law is teminally ill. She won't see next month. A number of her family including her siblings live 2 hours away. We are facing that they will need to drive 2 hours here, attend the crem and then have to drive home.
    Even her immediate family, her husband, grown up children, their spouses and grown up grandchildren exceed 6.
    Currently we can't have MIL in our bubble as FIL is also living. I am wondering if when MIL goes we could then put FIL in our bubble making us a household of 5. If my husband's sister puts her single adult daughter into her household (making it 3), then would the 8 of us be ok going back to one of our houses after the service? 
    It's about as clear as it can be. Other than the specific exemptions listed 6 people is the maximum allowed in any social gathering. Where the six people come from is not relevant.

    What you are suggesting would break the rules unless all 8 either normally live together in one household or are already part of a single support bubble.
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