making and selling dog treats at car boots

Hi there 
I’ve recently starting thinking of making my own dog treats and selling them to friends and maybe  going to car boots with my product to get a taster as to how popular they could be but wanted to know if there are rules and regulations that I need to be able to sell them at car boots obviously I would have clear labelling of ingredients used on packaging but would I need to apply to local trading standards etc and how do I go about it. 


  • There are a huge number of regulations to follow with dog feed/ treats, much more so than for human foods. Manufacturing your own pet foods | Business Companion this guide should give you an idea. All treats would need to be tested in a lab prior to sale and if you were using animal products which includes eggs and honey you would require an AHPA license and your premises would need to be inspected by them and your local authority. There are regulations on what needs to be on the labels and this is why batches need lab testing so that you can be accurate. You will need to show the AHPA that you have an appropriate robust HACCP plan in place for them to grant approval and you will need to pay a fee. 
    The level of legislature in this area is much higher than for human foods, as such, the fines for being caught, are also much higher. You would also need a strong third party liability insurance and to become a limited company in the instance that someone attempts to sue for damage. The limited company prevents them from coming after you directly, only as the director of the Company. There are tax implications to this which need to be considered.

    The start point would be the local authority food agency and the AHPA who will advise you of the inspections required and the testing that needs to be carried out, bear in mind this also comes with a fee.
    Pet food | Food Standards Agency
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    Just to point out that the original post was made in September 2020, the OP logged off 10 minutes after posting and hasn't logged on since.
  • Does anyone have any knowledge on completing the ABPR04 for production of dog treats from home?  The microbiological sampling question is totally confusing me. Any assistance would be gratefully accepted. Thanks
  • sheramber said:
    Thanks! I'm thinking to sell homemade dog and horse treats for my friends and locals. Just wondering is there any difference between the regulation of canine and equine goods... 
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    Feed legislation applies principally to feed for 'food-producing animals', which means farmed livestock, including rabbits and horses. However, it also covers feed for what are called 'non-food producing animals'. 
    details of what is required here

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