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What to pack for log cabin break :)

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Hi - my boyfriend and I are going away for 4 nights to a beautiful cabin by a lake with hot tub (in the UK), I've started a list but just know when I get there I will have forgotten something so reaching out to you lovely lot in the hope you can offer some advice  :) 
Thank you! 


  • John_John_ Forumite
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    Kindle or books, binoculars, bathing suits, insect repellant, wine, good shoes for walking in, something warm for sleeping in, lubricant, candles, more wine.
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    greyteam1959greyteam1959 Forumite
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    edited 2 September at 8:12PM
    Lubricant & candles !!

  • flea72flea72 Forumite
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    Flipflops and bathrobe to get from backdoor to hot tub, and back into lodge (also stops you traipsing dirt into the tub)
    Plastic glasses. For some reason very few properties with tubs provide these, and its not safe to take glass into tub.  
  • BoohooBoohoo Forumite
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    Have a look at this thread first and that may give you some good advise about hot tubs.
    Hope you have a great time.
  • SandtreeSandtree Forumite
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    Lubricant & candles !!

    To be used with each other or just simultaneously?

    Don't need anything for a log cabin in itself, hot tub may mean bathrobes etc are useful... would suggest bringing swimming costumes even if the intent is to go without, a friend booked a place with a private pool assuming clothing would be optional but whilst totally private in the direction the photos were taken in the ad it was very much overlooked on the otherside (though still private in the sense of exclusive use)
  • CapricornLassCapricornLass Forumite
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    If you are self-catering,  pack a sturdy sharp knife with you.  I've never found anywhere that had a decent sharp knife in the past 40 years and a blunt or flimsy bladed knife is a hazard..  Other practical suggestions: small bottle of washing up liquid, j-cloth/sponge/scourer (can throw this out when you leave) as sometimes these aren't provided.  I bring teabags and ground coffee with me too.  

    Corkscrew that you/boyfriend knows how to use - I know that many bottles have screwtop lids these days, but just in case you find that you've selected the one bottle which has a cork in it for your romantic night in the tub!  Some of the ones we have encountered were an intelligence test to use.
    Sealed Pot Challenge no 035
  • Paula_SmithPaula_Smith Forumite
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    Food - otherwise you may get hungry!
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