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Hi, I was about to order a selection of bulbs and plants from Sarah Raven in particular, tulips, allium, crocus & Asters. However I have just read the reviews. Allowing for covid they are still not good. Has anyone used them or has recommendations please for quality reasonably priced bulbs. Many thanks. 


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    I have used J Parker’s wholesale website. you need to allow for the prices being plus vat and there is a surcharge for small orders I think. But I have found the choice is good and had no problems with the bulbs. 
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    I have had lovely  bulbs from Wilkinson online. Probably fewer varieties to choose com but great value and good quality.
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    Have a look online for buying from Holland.
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    Personally i have had great success with Avon bulbs, slightly dearer but well worth it, am trying Farmer Gacy and Sarah Raven as well this year.
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    If the plants are giving the location and soil they like you should get good flowers from them.
    Personally I buy supermarket bulbs and they are thriving along with a fine display of flowers year after year. But they get a feed after flowering and well drained soil whether in tubs or beds

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    I buy big cheap bags from supermarkets and places like Wilkos. Sometimes not all the bulbs are great but there's plenty of them and those that are good enough produce good displays. I bought a late in the season bag of 75 daffs from Wilkos last year for half price (£1.50?). Ten bulbs were rubbish. But 65 worked fine.
  • I've always been happy with Parkers. Sarah Raven seems pricey to me. It depends how bothered you are about particular varieties. If you're prepared to be flexible you can usually get better offers. Tulips can be planted quite late, so you can chance it and wait for discounts (although then the stock's getting old). Sign up for a few catalogues online and see what offers come through.
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    I've ordered some more unusual varieties from Farmer Gracy, and bought some from Wilko's too. They had some really nice stuff in the first time I went but a few weeks later they didn't seem to have as many varieties, so maybe the trick is to buy early. 

    I noticed that B&M seemed to have some of the less interesting bulbs available in Wilko's but they were cheaper as they were 3 for 2, and the packaging looked identical. 
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    I have ordered bulbs from Sarah Raven before and whilst pricey I've found them of good quality, likewise from Farmer Gracy.
    For the best value/price ratio, i would recommend Peter Nyssen ( - they don't (need to) advertise anywhere - I've always been very pleased with their goods.  
    Another site I've found which I will try next year for dahlias is Riverside Bulbs ( - they also do tulips, seems good value but don't have personal experience with them.
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    I've had some lovely stuff from J Parker, though it can be a bit hit and miss as to whether you get what you ordered (all adds to the fun I suppose!).

    I've bought lily and acidanthera bulbs from B & M, and they were not too good for the first couple of years. I felt sorry for them, and left them in their pots anyway - and this year they've been absolutely fantabulous! I guess the bulbs were so cheap because they were small. are very good, but not cheap.
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