Student bills???

First ever post here so sorry if there are similar threads I haven’t found! 

I’m a second year student moving into a shared house with 3 others for second year and in all honesty I haven’t thought about the bills until today.

One member of the household wants us to use a bill splitting service called Resooma which, according to her, works out at £61 per person per month. That’s for unlimited water, fast WiFi, gas and electric and tv license.

I am completely clueless about bills, how to find the best deals, how to even pay them, the works. 

So I really have no idea as to whether this is a good deal or not, or even what sort of price to expect, although if I’m being honest I was expecting the bills to be less than £244 a month, especially as they’re split between 4 people.

From what I gather Resooma does charge for the splitting service, and although the landlord did direct us to Uswitch I don’t know the answers to any of the questions it asks, dual fuel tariff? What provider the house is currently using??

So essentially what I’m asking is, is £61 per month a good deal on bills in a 4 person house share 

Thanks in advance for any advice and sorry in advance for being absolutely thick when it comes to bills!


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    A bill service is the way my 2 did it at uni, unless you're prepared to take responsibility and try and collect the money off everyone, which I wouldn't recommend!  I do recall that one had a shortfall an everyone chipped in a few quid at year end, and  the other managed to reclaim a surplus, 
    It may sound a lot, but you can guarantee at least one of you will have the heating/hot water,tv, electric heater etc etc switched on all day at some point - better to overpay than underpay IMO

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    I haven't heard of resooma, but the ones I have heard of charge a premium for collection. Consider whether this is worth paying to avoid the hassle. Otherwise take a utility each and be responsible for that one, keeping a spreadsheet to monitor who owes who money to equal it all out.
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    £244 a month is expensive for a 4-bed house. It would likely be a lot cheaper if you sorted the bills yourselves, but obviously you have to find suppliers and trust each other to pay up.
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