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Property Bond

So last week we were on holiday in an apartment rented from an acquaintance. We paid a £200 bond to make sure everything was ok and in case we damaged anything. I was extremely careful whilst there but my youngest got some banana on a bedsheet. I washed it and it didn’t come out so I messaged her a picture and apology and she sent me a link for the sheet and said she would take the cost from the bond, £30. I accepted that with no issue. This Wednesday (5 days after we had left) she says there is one on a duvet too and that will cost me £50. Now I haven’t particularly quibbled as yet as I’m waiting to get the rest of my bond back. During the stay I noticed that some of the clips on the blinds were broken, so 8 messaged and made her aware and said that we hadn’t done it but I was anxious about it, that’s the level of care and concern I was taking with her place. She has also said that we have stained one of the shower trays with pink hair dye, yet she won’t supply me with pictures as proof. She says she has tried bleach and it won’t come off, yet all google searches say to try acetone nail polish remover on a cotton pad. I highly doubt that the tray is marked, I washed my hair once whilst there and my hair has been dyed this way for a long time and I’ve never once had any marks at home. I use a natural shampoo that is white in colour and was very aware of her fixtures and fittings. I know that she is prissy etc. Since the hair wash there must have been 20 showers in there, six of us having one or two a day up to the Saturday morning from the tuesday of the hair wash. Before I came away she send me a lot of Facebook messages about my hair saying she wasn’t happy that I was coming with dyed hair and I needed to bring my own towels and pillowcases, which I did. Already my heckles were up as she was creating issues before we even arrived. There were a lot of problems we had whilst there that I would have spoken to the agent about had we had one. But to not be awkward we let it slide and did what we could under difficult arrangements. It seems that she is after a new tray being supplied and fitted at my expense. I’m not prepared to pay this, especially with no evidence. Also after a week since we left, who is to say that she hasn’t got some pink dye and put some on the tray to make a stain etc? Legally I have no idea where I stand nor what I can do to get my bond back. I also think £80 for a sheet and duvet is bloody ridiculous but I’m treading carefully on that for now. Once we left Saturday morning she sent me a message saying that the place had been left immaculate and no issues. Until she messaged the Saturday evening and started all this off. She’s driving me nuts....
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