Certificate Of Visual Impairment

My 88 year old Dad has severe macular degeneration in both eyes.
In fact he is virtually blind.
In order for him to get access to extra funding he needs a CVI.
To get this he needs an eye test then a referral to an eye specialist.
He is very frail & the logistics of getting an eye test & then a hospital appointment are not really on.
It's a foregone conclusion that he is blind but how to get the CVI form without the two appointments is proving difficult.
Any ideas ??


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    Have you already spoken to RNIB / The Macular Society

    Can this not be given by his existing consultant? 
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    Not spoken to RNIB / Macular Society but it would be a good starting point.
    Thanks for the link.
  • Pre-Covid, Specsavers did eye tests at home for patients who needed them. I don't know the current situation, but it may be worth asking. For an eye appointment at the hospital, there should be hospital transport available if nobody can take him. There may be a volunteer who can meet him from the transport and escort him to the eye clinic, but again, I don't know the current situation, or even whether it is possible at your local hospital.
  • I am registered blind. My CVI had to be signed by a hospital Consultant with details of diagnosis, investigations etc. i don't think Specsavers will be able to provide one.
    Also the hospital will have low vision specialists that may be able to help with equipment.
  • To add my original referral to opthalmology services was via my GP.
  • greyteam1959greyteam1959 Forumite
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    Spoke to my optician who arranged for my local Vision Support Centre to contact me regarding Dad's sight.
    They arranged for a home visit sight test from Specsavers who tested his sight & confirmed that he was virtually blind.
    Specsavers contacted the Vision Support Centre with their results who then contacted the hospital consultant who issued the CVI paperwork without him having to attend an appointment due to his immobility.
    All done in less than 10 days.
    Absolutely first class service from all concerned.
    Half price TV licence here we come..................

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