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help. I've been foolish and now think I've been scammed. Looking for advice as to what my options are. I was quoted £124 for my Samsung S8. More than other sites. Reasonable rating on trust pilot. Sent phone off. Got email to say received. Offer to follow after testing. Offer read 86.40 due to damaged bezel! I declined offer and asked for phone to be returned. A few days later I got z further offer if £100. I decided to accept. Got email 5 days ago saying money sent to my account. Guess what! Tried contacting them by phone -  mailbox full. Emailed them - no reply. Contacted Luton landline no answerphone . Left msg no response. What do I do next?


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    Not sure what you mean by Scam .
    Contact page gives both Facebook and Twitter.
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    Do what I do when you get no response, spam any facebook or Instagram post with your issue and they'll soon respond! Works a treat! haha!
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    Having looked at their website for 10 seconds I would not have used them, the warning signs are on every page:

    'Just because its on the internet don't believe it 100%'. Abraham Lincoln.

    I have opinions, you have opinions. All of our opinions are valid whether they are based on fact or feeling. Respect other peoples opinions, stop forcing your opinions on other people and the world will be a happier place.
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