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Student Car Insurance during Gap Year

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Student Car Insurance during Gap Year

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We have a multi-car insurance policy including 18 year old daughter, driving for one year.

She was at school (sixth form) until recently, but hasn't decided whether she plans to go to University this year or take a year off.
She is on the policy as a student.

Assuming she DOES go to University this year, does she continue to be classed as a student through the Summer?

What if she takes a year off?  In that case, she will probably travel abroad for some months (we'll have to decide whether to garage/SORN her car and take her off insurance for that period, depending on length of trip).
Do we have to change her 'occupation' for the year between school and University?

She will likely get some temporary jobs, bar work, waitressing, shop work etc for short periods, but none are really her 'occupation'.

Just played with some quotes and changing from student to Waitress would add £220 to insurance.  Have even played with job titles, but others are worse eg. catering staff has an increase of £280......

Of course, I want to stay legal, but at cheapest option......
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    The fact you are "playing with some quotes" can also explain the increase in premiums... not many people will decide their career based on their car insurance premiums and so insurers tend to view this type of activity as signs of potential fraud (manipulation of the facts) and so start to load premiums in the first instance and refuse to quote after a while.

    Ultimately speak to the insurer in question, I suspect most will agree a continuous "student" status if she goes straight into university and deem something else appropriate if she takes a year out. You'll also need to check if your multi-car policy remains acceptable if she is living away from home and takes her car with her.
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