Redundancy Consultation - Possible unfair criteria scoring?

I've worked part time for the company for 3.5 years, I work the part time shift with 2 other colleagues, 1 of them left the company for a month or 2 and came back around 1.5 years ago.   I've received the bad news that I am being made redundant which I feel is unfair as I feel I score higher than 1 of my colleagues in their selection criteria, plus the fact that the colleague I am competing with has worked less than 2 years.   He has also had 2 disciplinary's , I have 0.

The selection criteria is:  Attendance, Performance, Time keeping, Skills and future prospects.   

ATTENDANCE - I have had 4 sick days in the last year (my first year I had 0 sick days).  They say this is more than the other colleague which I know is 100% incorrect.  So this is unfair.   

PERFORMANCE - As for performance it can be proven I answer the phone quickest (also have the least dropped calls), completed most reports in.    They have said that they've reviewed written feedback from one 2 ones with seniors, they say that I have frequently entered data incorrectly (although seniors have previously told me that the other colleague has made huge errors in files).   I don't see how they can review this objectively as if they went on purely stats I'd again score high here.

TIME KEEPING - Admittedly I am late once a week by around 5 minutes - 10 minutes.  Although it would not surprise me that the other colleague has the same score here.

SKILLS / FUTURE PROSPECTS - I feel we both rank the same here.

I've requested for the stats of both our records.  They say they can only give mine?  (this makes no sense as this data is relevant to my case).  I also mentioned the other colleagues disciplinary's.   I've also written an email to them before during consultation stating I am flexible to change my hours (reduced hours / full time / zero hour contract.  I've also mentioned I could build my hours at a pace that suits them financially.  I'm also flexible to change departments.

My notice is until the 19th August.

I am looking to speak to a few solicitors this week to see if I can challenge this.   I also want to know if I can request the stats to check they've gone by the book.  I joined a worker union 3 weeks back, I will most likely call them aswell.

Does anyone have any advice?   Does this seem fair?   (Since I worked 3.5years there with 0 disciplinary's)


  • JReacher1
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    Its hard to get these decisions overturned and the different criteria won't all be weighted the same.  The most important criteria is probably performance.
    You seem to admit that you turn up for work up to ten minutes late one day a week and regularly enter data incorrectly.  If this is true I don't think it will be hard for your employer to provide justification as to why you were picked.
    Joining the union only three weeks ago probably won't help much.  If you have been a member since you started they would be more involved but the fact you are leaving in a couple of weeks and have only just joined means they probably won't be that invested in you staying.
    As you are speaking to a solicitor soon then they should advise the legal position.  I wouldn't however offer to switch to a zero hour contract as that seems risky.

  • Unfortunately they get away with it. Worked for company almost 12 years and 39 in my pool, with me being one of the most experience, yet I was 1 of the 11 selected and got the lowest scores. I had no appeal and despite them literally lying and exagerating about the smallest negative points, I was out the door. I knew my boss's boss had a personal dislike of me and tried to get rid of me 4 years ago when I was in a different role, so I have no doubts whose decision it was. I spoke to a solicitor and they said it wasn't worth fighting and they can make up the scoring as they see fit. It's disgraceful that you can be treated like this and face losing everything you worked hard for.
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    It seems that they have chosen you as the one to go for whatever reason and nothing you say will make any difference.
    The best thing for you to do is to negociate the best package you can. The cost of taking someone to a tribunal is prohibitive for an individual and unless you have any of the anti discriminatory factors on your side you would be unlikely to win and if you did win the award would be small.
    Pick yourself up dust yourself off and start looking for another job.
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    Attendance is a fair criteria. Everybody is treated equally. You'll underscore those with no absence, 

    Timekeeping would appear to be a major issue for you. Continually arriving late is going to score you potentially zero. Highly likely your time keeping has been recorded for some time. 

    Performance is more than just answering the phone the quickest. Your time keeping is going to undermine your performance as well. 

    All those little things add up when it comes to redundancy situations. You'll need a stronger case to overturn the decision. 

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