Will my rights be affected if I offer to volunteer my position for redundancy?

Thank you for taking the time to read my question.
For context, I have been employed for a period of just under 5 years on a full time basis. Myself and 1 other employee (who has been with the company for about 6 months) are being considered for redundancy.
I have been invited to a redundancy consultation tomorrow, with a view to seeing if there is any way of prevent my role from being made redundant.
My position is that I have now been on furlough for 4 months and am keen to just bring this to a close as quickly as possible. I also feel that there is probably an underlying preference for my position to be made redundant, or significantly changed.
My question. If I was offer to volunteer my position for redundancy, I.E. say that I would be willing to accept my role being made redundant to save everyone time. Would this negatively impact my rights to redundancy pay, payment in-lieu etc?
For some added context, my employer isn't the friendliest / caring of people and isn't really someone I could have a "heart to heart" with in a hurry. Which is why I want to ensure I do not say anything which could compromise my financial position. 
Thank you


  • **Just to clarify, they have NOT asked me if I would consider voluntary redundancy. Thanks again.
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    As there is no such thing in employment law as voluntary redundancy, you could end up with less money than if you were officially made redundant. Unless you have a job to go to, wait until that happens. 
    If you are querying your Council Tax band would you please state whether you are in England, Scotland or Wales
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    Redundancy pay offs while providing a nice lump sum. Often fail to cover the longer term cost of finding another full time permanent job. If you are unhappy then leave on your own terms, i.e. find a new job first if at all possible. 
    Employers have a business to run. If you want "hear to heart" chats go to Church coffee mornings.  ;)

  • JReacher1
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    Unless you have another job to go to I don’t see why you would want to bring it to a close as soon as possible. The longer it takes them to decide the more you earn in salary. I would go through the full process
  • Masomnia
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    As above I'd keep my cards close to my chest and find out what redundancy would mean for you before saying that you're happy to take it. If you're happy with it all and towards the end say you'd be ok with taking the payment they may just be relieved, it'll be a lot less risky for them that way.
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