Redundancy Advice (Long story)

Hi all, thanks in advance for any feedback.
First off, i have only been at my company since March 2019 ( so not the 2 years i keep hearing about)
I work for a big oil company, when i started Manager "A" recruited me, however a month later i was told i was being moved to a different site, which was 120 mile round trip, which i was fine with as its the job i had been trying to get for years, So in April 2019 i was moving to a different location and i was also under a new Manager "B", So from April 2019 i was working at the new location under Manager B, under Manager B we also had a Team Leader who worked along side us and was in charge of the day to day work and made sure we knew what we were doing and what we were working on, she knew us inside out. Manager B did my Appraisal in March 2020 and had no issues and was very happy with my Performance, so happy that he awarded me the highest possible award in the company for performance in 2019.  Then came the COVID19 and we were told to work from home, which i am fine with, in April 2020 our team was moved under a new Manager, Manager C who was based at a different site and never had any dealings with me or the team other than sitting in our weekly skype chats that we had where we explained what we were working on. Manager C only joined to company in October 2019.

In May 2020 we were told we were losing 1 of 4 in our team due to company redundancies, our team leader was pooled with us, and therefor could not provide any feedback on the scoring matrix at all, we were told that previous managers would be contacted for feedback, which was a relief as our new Manager C had no dealings with us at all so couldn't score us fairly.  At the end of May 2020 i had the call to tell me i had scored the lowest, which i was absolutely gutted by and shocked by because there was no chance i could have scored the lowest if the scoring had been done fairly.  I spoke with my Team Leader (who was pooled with us) and she said there is no chance i could have scored the lowest and suggested the scoring couldn't have been done fairly, during my individual consultation i argued my score, i was given 3/10 in some areas, 5/10 for 2019 performance even though i was awarded the highest award possible for performance.  I requested my previous "Manager B" review our scores and he had been my Manager for 80% of the time i was t this company,  HR agreed to this however i had to push really hard to have this done, eventually Manager C & Manager B had a meeting, however Manager C did not show Manager B any of the scores because he did not want to put him under pressure, therefor he could not argue my scores and comment if they were incorrect or not.

The difference in scores between me and the person in 3rd is 2% (1 mark), person in 3rd only joined the company in October 2019, he received the same score as me for performance in 2019 5/10.  I do not know why they refuse to adjust the scores, even though my Team Leader and Manager B have both said i shouldn't have scored the lowest.

I know its a long read but i am desperately looking for any advice on what to do next, i have been offered a enhanced package however i love my job and i feel like i am being targeted for some strange reason, its even been mentioned by some people that the person who scored just above me knows "Manager C" but i doubt it.

Thanks in advance.
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    Unless you have a protected characteristic (which is not an automatic get-out-of-jail-free card) you can just be dismissed with less than 2 years service. So it may be worthwhile taking the package.
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