HSBC PPI claim accepted -how long for refund?

My PPI claim to HSBC has been accepted. I sent off the included prepaid letter with my bank details on 13th July but nothing received yet. 
I have tried to call to see if they have received it, but can never get through! 

Any ideas of how they normally take or a better number to confirm they have received?


  • I'd give it a few months before chasing it up.
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    Wow really? Seem like a long time to me!
  • Yeah, there's a been a bit of a bug going round, and everyone is very short-staffed.  

    But it'll turn up. Could even be tomorrow.
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    Reading this thread and would like to ask the forum members please for some help.
    I was offered a PPI settlement by letter in July 2019 for an old HFC account that is finished. It was offered by HSBC but when replied to, I was told it was an administrative error and the offer was a mistake.
    Now in January this year same offer made to me by letter after HSBC claimed they never heard back from me in 2019 to accept it. Thought it was a scam so ignored, only to receive 2nd letter in February. It requested proof of ID to be given on HSBC portal, and completion of form with my bank details and signature. I completed what was asked. Letter today received to say it was an administrative error and sorry for inconvenience. No mention of specifics from offer letter or any explanation as to why they contacted me repeatedly to complete the acceptance of offer form.
    Can I ask please is there anything I can do to pursue the offer, the administrative error and now the worry of giving sensitive information to HSBC for this.
    Help much appreciated.
  • If it's an error, there's nothing you can do to pursue the offer.

    HSBC won't do anything dodgy with your ID. They already have far more information than you have provided.
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    You can ask them to triple check if you want @A_Quiet_Life but as zx81 says, if they made a mistake in offering a refund that you were not entitled to, you are not going to get anything from them.
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