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WTC 4 week run on

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Whenever I have finished a job, I have always got a 4 week run on with WTC. I was made redundant on the 10th of July, so was expecting to have a 4 week run on with tax credits, which would have taken me to the 5th of August. But it appears that my last payment was on the 15th of July. Is this normal?
I wouldn't mind, but I have chosen not to claim Job Seekers or transfer onto UC, which means I am living on about £60 a week.
Is it worth ringing them to enquire?


  • calcotticalcotti Forumite
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    I would expect you to get the four week run on if you were in work at the time of redundancy.
    i am not sure what the situation is ifyou were furloughed at the time of redundancy because when furloughed you are not actually working.
    Definitely worth ringing to ask though.
    Information I post is for England unless otherwise stated. Some rules may be different in other parts of UK.
  • poppy12345poppy12345 Forumite
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    Looking back at other threads i see that you weren't furloughed and you haven't been working since lockdown began. This may mean that the 4 week run on may not apply but others may know more.
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