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Joint saving accounts and Step Father

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Hello folks, I'm hoping someone can help. My mother recently died, leaving our step father and my brother. My brother and I being executors to the joint will they made in 2012. Prior to Mum's death all three of us had LPA, although the actual document was never given to either of us by our step dad. Since my Mum couldn't understand things too well anymore our step dad took it upon himself to change her savings account to joint, to cash her ISA's and put them in his name and to take 25k and 26k of her money(his words) and take out new ISA's in his name. Saying  "she thought she understood what he was doing" . The culmination of this is that there is not enough assets in Mums estate to pay the sum she was leaving to myself and my brother. Our step dad has also informed us that he is taking out a new will, in which his brother will be a 3rd beneficiary with myself and brother. The house was left as 25% each to my brother and myself, which is her share. As executor I'm at a bit of a loss as to what is left for me to do, if anything. Couple of questions, if I can.
1. Can/should he be able to do this.
2. If he decides to, which I know technically he doesn't have to,  pay our bequests from the joint accounts, would that then be liable to tax as a gift.
Many thanks.


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