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SFE say I owe £5600


Maybe I’m dumb... but I don’t understand the email I received from SFE. This overpayment thing has been going on for ages, figures increasing each time, it’s now up to £5600. I can’t speak to a manager, I’ve been told their unable to transfer me as the advisors are working from home.  I was part time till jan(90 credits) then full time jan- present (105 credits)

The email- 

I have reviewed your applications to explain why you have been put into overpayment for this academic year. There are several factors:

·         Your original application for 2019/20 was part time and you were paid some maintenance loan (£3726.86). This was then cancelled and your entitlement became zero.

I presume my application was cancelled as I became full time? Or should it have been ‘transferred’ and not cancelled? 

·         Your full time application was processed and you were paid some more maintenance loan (£4883). Your full time application was suspended from the start of the year (16/09/2019) on 13/07/2020, Your study was then resumed from Term 2 (20/01/2020) on 14/07/2020 reducing your maintenance loan entitlement (to £2998).

The above paragraph is what I don’t get... ‘full time application suspended from the start of the year’ I never was full time at the start of the year. Your study then ‘resumed’, does this mean they think I dropped out of uni for a bit? 

·     The total maintenance loan you are entitled to based on your suspension and resumption of studies is £2998.

Suspension and resumption, again, is this as if I dropped out? 

Ive tried getting help from my uni but no replies to emails and no one answering the phone in the relevant department. I’ll call SFE, again, tomorrow but first wanted to understand the email before I set up a payment plan or whatever. 

Any help appreciated. 


  • silvercar
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    First you need to list what you actualy received, then we can try and match it to your entitlement.
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  • sheramber
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    I read it that 
    Loan paid for part time - 3726.86 paid
    part time  stopped  but treated as suspended  - loan no longer due - 3726.86 overpaid
    Full time  started but loan calculated for full year - 4883
    Loan recalculated for full time period only-    2998
    Overpaiid  3726.86 + 1885     = 5611. 86
      like they thought the full time  was the th whole year and cancelled the part time loan to give the full time  loan for th whole year.
    On 13/7 they realised the full time was only from January so recalculated the loan for that period only .
    They don't appear to be paying you any loan for the part time period.
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