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Covid Spreadsheet

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When Covid lockdown started, I started a budget spreadsheet to see how much I'd save by - well, doing nothing.  So far, it's averaged £100 a week - £1600 thus far -  Woohoo!  Half was inevitable I suppose, transport being an obvious one. Not so obvious was mobile roaming data - I didn't really pay attention to it, £20 a week!  Also, drinks and snacks out - whenever I went into town I'd have a coffee/tea and a pastry or breakfast - £30 a week!  Gulp...  Other bits I won't give up - football (well, sort of), music for example. I don't want to just sit indoors and stare at a wall for ever!   Oh and my holiday was cancelled as was a rock festival. I'd rather have gone to those than had them cancelled (Doing nothing is cheap but dull!).  So £2,000 in total.

Food for thought, eh?


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