Student loan for studying abroad

My son is wanting to study at Delft University in the Netherlands. However, although he can get a loan to cover tuition fees, he is not able to get a student loan for maintenance. Are there any loans which are available which wouldn’t require repayment to start for 3 years ie once he (hopefully) has a job!


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    Is this for undergrad or postgrad?
    I believe there are no options for undergrad, unless there are some very specific rules in the NL you can work through - which given Brexit is unlikely. The question comes up quite a lot as people talk about the low prices of European universites but can fund living costs. My understanding is that people who go from the UK to Dutch universities are almost always being supported by their parents.
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    The best advice is to ask the university: I know that there used to be funding schemes available in NL but my information is out of date.
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