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On the 22nd May I purchased fitness equipment from Innovamaxx £800. I received an order confirmation from Sportstech thanking me for my order placed at Innovamaxx  sent via Innovamaxx email. I then received a Pay Pal receipt thanking me for my Innovamaxx order and the receipt confirmed that I had pad innovamaxx. ( I do have a pay pal account though I did not purchase the equipment through pay pal ). My money is taken from my Tesco credit card stating “PayPal InnovamaxxG”

I then get an email from Innovmaxx thanking me for my order ( there is a sportstech logo on the email also) says that: orders will be delayed due to the coronavirus and my order will be sent AFTER the 24th July. ( which was ok as I am converting the garage into a gym ) 
I asked for a delivery date by email: no reply ( I have sent 3 or 4 emails asking for a delivery date no reply)
I looked on the Amazon site ( I did not purchase the equipment through Amazon) : very unfavourable reviews with a warning about the company. I look on Trust Pilot again unfavourable reviews ( one star since the Covid outbreak). Amazon and Trust Pilot appear to be favourable prior to Covid. 
I am going to sit tight until the end of July: I don’t think the equipment will turn up but we shall see. 
My question is: do I approach the credit card company or Pay Pal to see if I can get a refund?


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    You'd be more likely to get replies/assistance by posting this on the Consumer Rights board so I have moved it over for you 
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    Many thanks for your help. Kind regards
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    Hello, just wondering what happened with this as I am having a similar problem thats been going on for 3 months! 
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     ian23 said:
    Hello, just wondering what happened with this as I am having a similar problem thats been going on for 3 months! 
    This thread was running July 2020. Poster hasn't logged on since January
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