Electric Boilers: Fischer EB - happy customers? pricing?

Hi all,
Just wondering if there are any customers using Fischer Electric Boilers.  My situation is that I currently have a back-boiler, and a new gas boiler replacement I have been quoted a ball-park figure of 5.5k due to my location in a block (it's a grade 2 listed building, I'm in a flat on the 2nd floor, currently there is no external flue).  For me , electric seems a sensible path to go, however, the quote I have received for a (what seems to be high quality - with a 10 year warranty) electric boiler and install is nearly double that of the gas boiler install quote.

Does this seem reasonable?  Fischer don't seem to publish their prices so I'm finding it difficult to judge whether this is a reasonable price/deal.
Input greatly appreciated.



  • Gerry1
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    Welcome to the forum.
    If you have gas (as cheap as 2p/kWh) you'd be barking mad to change to full price electricity at 13p/kWh or more.  Would you buy a car that needed special petrol at £6 or £7 per litre?
    And as for Fischer, just read the reviews and the ASA upheld complaints and the CAP warning.  
    And don't buy London Bridge from a bloke in a pub.
  • Robin9
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    Get another couple of quotes - stick with gas.

    When you've a few hours to spare read the reviews that Gerry1 speaks off. 
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  • matelodave
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    An electric boiler is possibly the most expensive way to heat anywhere apart from using actual money as the fuel in a woodburning stove and Fischer is probably the most expensive place to buy one as well

    Apart from the installation costs you'll be using peak rate leccy to heat your place which will cost you around 13-14p/kwh v gas at say 2.5p/kwh. To give you a rough idea of the cost differential have a look at your EPC to find out what the estimated annual kwh  heating and hot water requirements are and then multiply it by the cost per kwh (say it's 10,000kwh) then very simply 13 x 10,000 = £1,300 for leccy  or 2.5 x 10,000 = £250 for gas.  You'll probably knock at least  £10k  off the value of your flat as well.

    Go for gas, it's cheaper and will add value to your flat

    updated calculation

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  • MWT
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    ... (say it's 10,000kwh) then very simply 13 x 10,000 = £13000 for leccy  or 2.5 x 10,000 = £250 for gas.
    Slipped a decimal place there, £1,300 for electric, but doesn't alter the point, £1,300 vs £250 isn't even close.

  • welshstew
    Thank you all for your comments and advice, I shall seek out some further gas quotes
  • Poweller
    What is the best electric heating system?
  • Robin9
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    @Poweller - could you start your own thread on this please.  (the new post button  - top left)   If electric is your only option then probably storage rads.
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  • macman
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    welshstew said:
    Thank you all for your comments and advice, I shall seek out some further gas quotes
    Can you not get a modern flue installed under Grade 2, or is it just that the cost is prohibitive? If the latter, then it'll be a lot less expensive than the huge running costs of an electric wet CH system. Especially a Fischer one.
    However, you do get the free magic custard in their rads...
    No free lunch, and no free laptop ;)
  • LessThanSte
    Sorry to dredge up this old post...

    I was passed by a Fischer van earlier, which piqued my interest. And stumbled across this whilst googling options (we have a very old gas boiler currently, desperately in need of replacement).

    Obviously, the green credentials are significant, and a big tick. More so if you've got solar power etc.

    How does this comparison work out now, given the massive rise in fuel prices and the supposed (is it still happening?) de-linking of electric prices to gas? Is this still the way to go? Some about have noted the kwh price difference, but that doesn't take into account the relative efficiency difference of the different technologies - i think i've seen some suggestion that electric is roughly twice as efficient as gas (dont quote me on that!), hence if electric is double the price the costs are equal...?
  • [Deleted User]
    Well at the moment electricity is more than triple the price.

    And I'd be very surprised if electricity for a boiler was twice as efficient as gas for a general water heating solution.  It might be true for a heat pump approach, but that's not the same thing.
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