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Morning all,

What is considered reasonable time to sort out an estate? There isn’t any property involved but just to complicate matters a bit, my sister is claiming there wasn’t a will, despite my mum always saying she had one.



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    With no will then the children will need to apply for letters of administration unless all the assets can be released without it.
    how involved are you as you have equal rights to administer the estate if no will or a will with no named executor(s).
  • Robert_McGeddonRobert_McGeddon Forumite
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    How thoroughly have you checked for a will?  Mum's house? Her solicitor? Her bank?

    If it were to turn up later there may be issues if it distributes her estate differently to what you've done through letters of administration. Actually, depending on size of estate and where the assets are held, probate or LoA may not be necessary.
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    My mum mainly told my eldest sister everything, mumhad everything in her special box, my sister is saying that there wasn’t anything in the box. I have no idea who the solicitor was, at one point she was going to xxx solicitor and then a different one, but even then I can’t remember the names of them. We thought she had one with Age concern but that ended up being a legal case they were helping her with following an accident.

    My eldest sister used to go most places with her as she lived with mum but my sister is now saying she doesn’t know anything about solicitors/a will. 

    My my sister has access to my mums bank account, but she is refusing to divulge any information of any kind.

    The main issue is my sister or possibly both sisters are keeping me out of the loop, it’s not as if I wasn’t in the picture at all, my mum was closer to my other sisters but I was still around, went to visit her when in hospital, my son would check on her etc so not a case of my disappearing for years and suddenly showing up upon her death. 

    We ( as in my sisters and I ) had a falling out just before the funeral  and we are not on friendly speaking terms so I think this is the reason why my eldest sister  is doing whatever she likes and keeping me out of it, even when I ask, but there are things I would like that have sentimental value but I know I can’t just go round and start making off with things. My son told me that she is putting some of mums things in storage As she asked him to help drive her there but surely she should at least see who wants what first unless of course she’s asked my other sister and just not bothered to ask me.
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    Obviously I don't know how big the falling out was, or what it was about, but I'll just ask you to consider whether there's any chance of resolving it before you lose your sisters as well as your mum. Because that will certainly make getting any answers and any sentimental items a whole lot easier. 
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    If there is no will then your mother died intestate.
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