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MSE/Virgin - is this a scam?

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crazycat44crazycat44 Forumite
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Hiya, long-time lurker - created an account just to post this. We've just had our first post-lockdown cold caller (with face shield).
 I was caught totally off-guard as was expecting it to be a parcel delivery that should have arrived today, so I let him into our block of flats.
He was asking about broadband providers and who we were with etc and said he was representing a price comparison site. Most of our area are with Virgin and he was carrying an ipad and talking about how much it would be to switch to them or to TalkTalk (the other main provider for the area). He then asked if we were interested in switching today (no) and then told us to check the MSE website as "all the deals are on there" (this in particular made me suspicious). He had a lanyard but couldn't see what it said (too far away - socially distant).
 I wouldn't usually let someone like this in but as I said was caught totally off-guard as it was the same time as our post normally arrives. Does anyone know if this is a scam (or a burglar?!) or some sort of 'legitimate' cold caller? 


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    JJ_EganJJ_Egan Forumite
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    Either of the three or fake MSE cold caller .
    Lack of information means its all guesswork .

    But its not MSE in any way .
  • crazycat44crazycat44 Forumite
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    Yeah the point where he mentioned MSE is when I got really suspicious! Feeling like an idiot for opening the door! Hopefully he was a 'genuine' cold caller for something... 
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