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TUI not clearing a final payment made

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TUI not clearing a final payment made

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Hello - I’m at my wits end with TUI- final payment of our holiday For October was due 9th July so paid on 5th July. However, for some reason TUI have not processed the payment. Credit card company say they are waiting for TUI. On phoning TUI twice this week to a very unsatisfactory call centre, all they can tell me is that their finance Department is busy. 
I have tweeted and emailed to no avail. My worry now is that they will cancel the holiday and we will also lose our deposit as the deadline was 9th July and my online account is showing the balance as still outstanding. 
Any advice gratefully received.

Thank you. 


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    eDickyeDicky Forumite
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    If the payment shows as 'pending' in your card transactions list (?), it's still likely to be taken by TUI when they get around to it.
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    Where is the holiday to, is it a destination that is likely to be cancelled? 

    I would take a screenshot of the transaction showing you've paid it before it disappears, if then then fail to process it you can prove you paid but the fault was at their end. 
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