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Could state pension be pushed back even further?

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  • german_keepergerman_keeper Forumite
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    Many years ago I worked as an Adjudication Officer for the Benefits Agency (that's how long ago it was). There was a limited amount of backdating allowed but we used to regularly get requests from people to backdate much further due to being unaware of the benefit. There was a phrase we quoted, something along the lines that each individual was expected to take all reasonable steps to make themselves aware of their entitlement. I assume that was a legal thing rather than just our process. As State Pension is a benefit I don't see why people approaching retirement (or in this case people many years from retirement) should be exempt from this requirement any more than disabled people or their carers for example.    
  • thatoldchestnutthatoldchestnut Forumite
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    Been wondering for a while what I should assume my state pension age will be. The current official forecast is 68, so as a 38 year old male so still thirty years away from being able to take it even if it didn't increase between now and then. I previously assumed it would increase to about 70 by the time I got to it, but perhaps I'm being much too optimistic.
  • atushatush Forumite
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    Hi folks,
    Just wondering as I fall into this category, do you think there is much of a possibility that the state pension could be pushed back a year or more, even for those about to receive it, in less than four years time from now?
    I ask because there is so much talk that the billions pumped into the virus pandemic has to be paid for somehow?
    Given that increases in LE have started to drop off due to poor life/health choices previously, and there is 2020 to yet be included i think pressure to push back SP will be decreased.  In some ways the same as pressure on London airport runways has decreased.
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