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EBay Selling - finding out what your item is worth

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EBay Selling - finding out what your item is worth

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Supposing you have a load of second-hand items that you want to sell on EBay that you don't know anything about, for example teacups.
Are there websites or apps that can help you appraise what an item is worth if you don't have any details to work with?


  • Barny1979Barny1979 Forumite
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    Wrong forum, but maybe google image a description of item, if not try it in ebay and see if similar items come up, then search sold  items.
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  • GrumpelstiltskinGrumpelstiltskin Forumite
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    As said look at the marks on the bottom of an item then check sold prices NOT what people are asking.
    You then need to work out what it would cost to post, ( if you don't know much about this it is size that matters more than actual weight }
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  • soolinsoolin Forumite, Board Guide
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    As above if selling on eBay then eBay prices are the ones you want. There are plenty of sites online that show 'values' just type a general description in to google for instant 'Colclough teacup and saucer, yellow flower pattern' then click images and search for your item and see where that image was used and follow the trail. However the problem with that is you see overestimated prices and even the china services that flog china at ten times the going rate.

    The best way is to type a general description 'Coloclough tea cup' into ebay search and then on the left hand side check 'completed listings'. ignore listed prices all that matters in sold prices.

    Be warned China is currently at an all time low, I shift tea sets easily as I can buy them at around £4 a full set and sell them on facebook for £10 or break them into trios and make a little more. I rarely ever, if at all bother with tea sets on eBay as it is barely worth the trouble of wrapping and double boxing them all. 

    The only real seller currently is Old Contry Roses where you can still get a fair price for trios and sets and ebay is worth a try.
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